In supersession of earlier orders for obtaining NOC for installation of lifts in Group Housing Flats built by DDA, a modified policy has been approved in the Delhi Development Authority meeting held under the chairmanship of Hon'ble Lt. Governor on 23.9.2015 and circulated vide Office Order No. EM 3(7)05/Lift/Pt./38 dated 07.01.2016 of the Chief Engineer (HQ)-D.D.A.

A simplified procedure for according such permission has been devised by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) for necessary compliance by all concerned. The salient features of the policy are as under:-

⦁ The modified policy is applicable for DDA built flats as well as for Cooperative Group Housing Societies (CGHS) flats.

⦁ The Permission / NOC for flats in respect of De-notified areas shall be granted by the S.D.M.C., whereas for the Development Areas falling under the jurisdiction of DDA, the requisite permission shall be granted by DDA.

⦁ The validity period of Permission / NOC granted by SDMC shall be for five years.

⦁ As per aforesaid Office Order of D.D.A., the NOC for de-notified areas transferred to local civic agencies (Municipal Corporations) stands granted for this purpose from DDA side as a Lesser under this policy and the allottees of de-notified areas are not required to approach DDA for obtaining NOC. The local civic agency need not refer any such case for this purpose.

⦁ For De-notified Areas from Development Areas, the allottees shall approach the Zonal Office concerned of SDMC for seeking Permission / NOC for installation of lift, as briefed hereinunder.

⦁The allottees of flats built by DDA and Cooperative Group Housing Societies (CGHS) are required to apply to the concerned Executive Engineer (Bldg) of the Zone.

Regarding Permission / NOC in flats built by DDA, the Commissioner-SDMC, vide his orders dated 15.02.2016, has delegated the powers under Section 491 of the DMC Act-1957 to the Zonal Executive Engineers (81dg) concerned.

Regarding Permission / NOC in Cooperative Group Housin Societies (CGHS), the Commissioner-SDMC, vide his orders dated 15.02.2016, has delegated the powers under Section 491 of the DMC Act-1957 to the Zonal Superintending Engineers (Bldg) concerned .

The detailed policy for installation of Lift and connecting bridge in Cooperative Group Housing Society (CGHS) Flats and DDA- Built Flats (Low Rise Flats) in NCT of Delhi, based on the policy circulated by D.D.A. and duly approved by Hon'ble Lt. Governor, is as under:

"1. Permission/NOC (No Objection Certificate) for installation of lift andconnecting bridge.

No person/Society shall erect or re-erect or make alteration or cause the same to be done in the existing structure without obtaining the "Permission NOC/" in each individual case from SDMC. It is in the interest of public to get the Permission / NOC from SDMC for constructing lift well & installation of lift with adequate provision of light, ventilation and its conformity with the provisions of Building Bye-Laws / Master Plan-2021 / Zoning Regulations / Standard Plan of DOA / laid down guidelines. The construction, if raised without Permission / NOC, is / shall be liable for action under provisions of DMC Act -1957.

1.1 Pre-requisite for grant of Permission /NOC:

i) Consent from owners using common staircase in that block is a pre-requisite (50% or more excluding ground floor) who will be beneficiary due to installation of lift. The consent form ground floor·owner is advisable but not mandatory.

ii) The applicants a're advised to propose a separate lift structure independent of the existing building structure with a connecting bridge so that it does not affect the structural stability of the existing structure.

iii) The SDMC is at liberty to take action against unauthorized construc ion/additions/alteration and encroachment as per their policy arid provisions of DMC Act.

iv) In order to address the concern primarily of the ground floor allottees regarding access to their flat, natural light and ventilation, the applicant should propose the lift and the lift structure preferably on the blind wall i.e. the wall which does not have any door / window opening or the Ii structure should be at an adequate distance from the existing structure so that the natural light and ventilation of the flat is not affected.

v) Recommendation of lift manufacturing agency (preferably as per approved list of CPWD) with regard to technical feasibility, location of lift well and safety aspects in respect of installation must be followed by the applicant.

vi) Certificate from registered Structural Engineer/ Architect (on their letter head) stating that the structural design of lift well and connecting bridge wherever required is as per provisions of the prevailing NBC (National Building Code).

vii) Four sets of building plans indicating location of proposed lift well and connecting bridge if required duly signed by registered Architect and proposing/secondary applicants/President of Management Committee (MC) of CGHS.

viii) Undertaking tegarding maintenance/operational aspect, safety requirdments and its cost as per Annexure -A.

ix) Undertaking to obtain NOC from Delhi Fire Service (wh rever applicable) Lift Inspector and Power/Electricity Distribution Company.

x) NOC from Registered RWA (in case of DDA flats)/ MC of CGHS in which lift is proposed to be installed in case any shifting of services is required.

xi) Indemnity Bond from the all proposing applicants* in case of flats built by ODA/Management Committee (MC) of CGHS indemnifying to keep SDMC harmless from any claim which crop-up against the SDMC due to erection of lift/Lift-well and connecting bridge.

*Applicants shall belong to two categories i.e. Proposing Member(s) and Secondary Member(s). While Proposing Members are those who are currently using one common staircase only and contributing to the cost of installation of lifts, Secondary Members are those who are using common staircase but not contributing to the cost. However, consent for installation of lifts is given by them. Other residents of the stairway will be Uninterested-members. In case they get interested in participating at a later date, they may, with the consent of the Proposing Members share the costs (capital + operation + maintenance cost) and use the lift.


i) There is no encroachment on public land.

ii) Structural stability of the building, lift and connecting bridge wherever applicable must be ensured.

iii) Light and ventilation of the habitable rooms of residents should not be affected. Connecting-bridge wherever required (of minimal size) may be. constructed to ensure proper ventilation.

iv) The operation and maintenance, safety checks and costs thereof in respect of the lift have to be borne by the Proposing Member(s).

v) As far as possible shifting of services/infringement of other's rights should be avoided. Where absolutely necessary a provision· of connecting bridge/walk way may be made from the lift well to the landing point.

vi) The lift shall not travel issued shall be void. ..................Column Break..................up to terrace otherwise the permission / NOC so
The Ground Coverage and the FAR of the Lift-Well and connecting bridge (if proviqed) shall be exempted as the FAR consumed is much less than the present / permissible FAR and·this is a facility aimed to facilitate Senior Citizens and making the buildings disabled friendly.

The Owner(s) will be allowed to erect the lift only after obtaining Permission / NOC from SDMC in De-notified Area.s on drawings incorporating the lift well and other details as required by SDMC under the policy.

2.0 Procedure for obtaining Permission / NOC.

2.1) The Permission / NOC for erection of lift and connecting bridge, (wherever applicable) in group housing flats built by ODA/Society for De-notified Areas shall be given by the concerned Zonal Office of SDMC, whereas the Permission / NOC for erection of lift and connecting bridge wherever applicable in group housing flats built by DOA/Society shall be given by DDA in Development Area under DDA only.

2.2) An Architect, registered with Council of Architecture shall have the authority to certify the part layout/Building plans for their correctness regarding original construction as per standard plans of DOA/approved plans of CGHS as well as proposal being in conformity with Building Bye-Laws / Master Plan-2021 with relevant amendments and policy etc.. Once the plans with all the documents certified by the Architect, Structural Engineers along with fee are submitted to SDMC, these will be taken on record.

2.3) The person(s)/group of allottees who intend to erect a lift and connecting bridge (wherever applicable) shall intimate in writing in the prescribed form {Annexure-A) and such intimation shall be-accompanied with the requisite documents as given in the Policy. The form is to be filled up and jointly certified by all the applicant(s)/group of allottees and registered Architect, which contain the statement of the proposal and amount deposited. The proposal with all requisite information/documents and certification shall be accepted and one copy of the proposal will be certified /stamped and returned to the applicant. Incomplete proposal shall not be considered.

2.4) The Architect(s) can obtain a certified copy of original plan of the flats under De-notified Area of SDMC from Housing & Urban Projects Wing (HUPW), DDA on prescribed payment. If plan is not available, Architect will prepare a part layout plan and will submit the same with the proposal. For de-notified areas, the Plans may be obtained from the SDMC

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