How to get lift permissions/NOC from MCD /SDMC?

If you're constructing or rebuilding an elevator/lift in a building, obtaining lift NOC from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) or any other municipal body might be essential. Several actions must be taken to ensure the lift is secure, consistent with rules, and doesn't endanger residents or users. A tutorial on how to request lift permission/NOC from the MCD/SDMC is provided below:

1. Speak with the MCD:

Contact the Municipal Corporation of Delhi first at their local office. Typically, you can determine which department is responsible for issuing lift NOC.

2. Consult an MCD approved structure engineer and architect:

Getting advice from a certified structural engineer or architect is advised before moving further. They can assist you with the technical elements of lift installation, including site selection, structural integrity verification, and code compliance.

3. Obtain the required application forms at the MCD office.

Complete and correctly fill out all of the forms. Include any necessary paperwork, such as architectural designs, structural blueprints, and safety certifications. Annexure A, B, C, D, E, D1, D2, Feasibility certificate from Lift Company.

4. Pay Costs:

Make payment for the required application payments and any additional fees related to the lift permit application. For your records, save a copy of the payment receipt.

5. Examination:

To determine if your building is appropriate for a lift installation, the MCD will arrange an inspection. They will assess the building's electrical systems, safety precautions, and structural integrity.

6. Adherence to building codes:

Verify that the lift installation plan conforms to your area's applicable safety and construction rules. During the inspection, the MCD will pay careful attention to these concerns.

7. Watch for Await the MCD's consideration:

of your application after doing all essential actions and submitting the needed paperwork for approval. Depending on the volume and intricacy of your case, the approval procedure may take several weeks or even months.

Obtaining lift permission /NOC from the MCD/SDMC requires careful planning, attention to rules, and patience.

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