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Looking to keep your elevators running smoothly? Our Comprehensive Lift maintenanc and repairing Solutions offer round-the-clock emergency support. Trust us for reliable, hassle-free care that keeps your lifts in top shape.

  • 24/7 emergency support for round-the-clock assistance.
  • 1258 satisfied clients across Delhi NCR
  • Genuine spare parts for optimal performance and safety.
  • 10+ Years of Expertise with Certified technician in lift maintenance.

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Services - Preventive Lift Maintenance


Scheduled Maintenance

Keep your elevators in peak condition with our Scheduled Maintenance services. We ensure regular, timely check-ups and repairs, preventing issues and providing reliable performance for your vertical transportation needs.!


Emergency Repairs

When your elevator faces a sudden glitch, our Emergency Repair services come to the rescue. Swift, dependable, and available around the clock, we're here to get your lifts back in operation promptly. !


Modernization Solutions

Upgrade your elevators with our Modernization Solutions. We bring your lifts into the future with advanced technology and improved features, ensuring enhanced performance, safety, and a seamless vertical transportation experience.!


Service Plans

Choose peace of mind with our Service Plans for elevator maintenance and repairs. According to your needs, these plans offer reliable, regular care, ensuring your lifts operate smoothly and efficiently.!


Compliance Inspections

Ensure your elevators meet safety standards with our Compliance Inspections. Our thorough assessments guarantee that your lifts adhere to regulations, providing peace of mind for both operators and passengers.!


Technical Expertise

Rely on our Technical Expertise for elevator maintenance and repairs. Our skilled professionals bring a wealth of knowledge to ensure precise, efficient solutions, keeping your lifts operating seamlessly and safely.!

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Benefits of Lift Maintenance

Enhanced Safety

our Enhanced Safety solutions for elevator maintenance and repairs. We implement measures that go beyond standards, providing added security and peace of mind for both operators and passengers.


Optimise your budget with our Cost-Efficiency solutions for elevator maintenance and repairs. We ensure effective, affordable services, keeping your lifts in top condition without compromising quality or safety.

Extended Lifespan

Extend the life of your elevators with our solutions for maintenance and repairs. We employ effective measures that enhance the lifespan of your lifts, ensuring longevity and reliable vertical transportation.

Reduced Downtime

Minimise disruptions with our Reduced Downtime solutions for elevator maintenance and repairs. Our efficient services aim to keep your lifts operational, reducing downtime and ensuring seamless vertical transportation for all.

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Why To Choose Hexa Lifts?


Unmatched Expertise

Rely on our Unmatched Expertise for elevator maintenance and repairs. With a wealth of experience, our skilled professionals deliver top-notch service, ensuring your lifts operate smoothly and reliably. !


Proven Track Record

Trust in our Proven Track Record for elevator maintenance and repairs. Over the years, we've consistently delivered reliable service, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of lifts in various settings.!


Customer Satisfaction

Ensure satisfaction with our elevator maintenance and repair services. Customer satisfaction is our priority, offering timely and effective solutions that keep your lifts running smoothly, meeting your expectations with every service.!


Transparent Communication

Experience clear communication with our elevator maintenance and repair services. We prioritize transparency, keeping you informed every step of the way. Trust us for open and honest communication in managing your lift needs.!


24/7 Availability

Count on us with our 24/7 Availability for elevator maintenance and repairs. Whenever an issue arises, our team is ready to provide swift and reliable solutions, ensuring your lifts operate seamlessly at all times.!


Compliance Assurance

Rest easy with our Compliance Assurance for elevator maintenance and repairs. We ensure adherence to industry regulations, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the safety and reliability of your lifts.!

Our Expertise in Lift Maintenance

Find out unmatched proficiency with our "Lift Mastery" expertise in the elevator maintenance and repair industry. With a wealth of experience, our skilled technicians are adept at navigating intricate lift systems. From routine maintenance to swift repairs, we excel in optimizing lift performance. Our commitment to excellence is showcased in our precision, reliability, and dedication to client satisfaction. Trust our Lift Mastery to keep your vertical transportation running seamlessly, ensuring safety, efficiency, and extended lifespan. Elevate your expectations with our proven track record and expertise, making us the go-to choice for all your elevator needs.

Why lift Maintenance is Important

Taking care of elevators is super important. It's like giving them regular check-ups to make sure they're working well and safe for everyone. When elevators get these check-ups, it helps avoid sudden problems and makes them last longer. Imagine it like taking your car to the mechanic to keep it running smoothly.

Besides, when elevators work smoothly, they don't make weird noises and are more energy-efficient, which saves money in the long run. It's like making sure everything is good so that people feel happy and safe using the elevators. For the folks who own buildings, it's like looking after their property and following the rules to keep everything in order. So, elevator maintenance isn't just about fixing things; it's about making sure people can move around easily and safely in buildings, creating a happy and comfy space for everyone.



Regular lift maintenance is crucial for safety and performance. Typically, it is recommended to schedule maintenance every three to six months, depending on the lift's usage and age. This ensures early detection of potential issues and prevents unexpected breakdowns

Look out for unusual noises, jerky movements, or delays in door opening/closing. Any of these signs may indicate a malfunction. If you notice such issues, it's advisable to contact lift maintenance services in Delhi NCR promptly to assess and address the problem.

Consider a provider with a proven track record, certifications, and a prompt response time. Check customer reviews and testimonials to gauge their reliability. A well-established company will have the expertise to handle various lift models and issues.

Evaluating the lift's age, technology, and compliance with safety regulations is essential. While repairs may solve immediate issues, an upgrade may enhance safety, efficiency, and compliance with the latest standards. Consult with lift maintenance services for a tailored recommendation.

Prioritize the safety of users by posting clear signage, restricting access to the lift area during maintenance, and communicating the maintenance schedule to occupants. This ensures a secure environment during the maintenance process.

Yes, compliance with safety regulations such as the Lifts and Escalators Act is mandatory. Lift maintenance services should be well-versed with these regulations to ensure adherence and provide certification as needed

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